Site feedback

You can provide suggestions and give us feedback on Microsoft Q&A here on the site. Your feedback and suggestions will help make Microsoft Q&A an even better platform. The Microsoft Q&A team will evaluate your feedback on a regular basis and provide updates along the way.


This flow only applies for site feedback on Microsoft Q&A. For feedback on any other platform, please continue engaging on the sites you normally do for that process.

How to provide site feedback

Before posting, search if the feedback you are proposing has already been provided by another user. If so, you can vote on it.


You have 10 votes for all site feedback still in evaluation. Once the feedback is picked up or closed, you will get that related vote back.

If your feedback or issue is new, click on the Provide site feedback button on the top navigation, below your avatar.

site feedback button


Because all the content needs to be tagged, please use "qna-feedback" tag when entering site feedback.

Feedback states

After you submit your feedback, states indicate where your feedback submission is in its lifecycle. As we take your feedback into consideration and move it along the workflow, we tag it with the corresponding state. The various states associated with the suggestions are listed here, along with a description of their meaning.

New feedback status - New means the feedback has been newly reported by you or someone else. No action has been taken on it yet. The Q&A team will do some preliminary checks to make sure we can proceed further.

Under review feedback status - Under review indicates that the feedback has been queued up for prioritization. We prioritize items to bring our broader community the best value, while also taking the product roadmap into consideration.

On roadmap feedback status - On roadmap means that the feedback has a broad community impact and will help improve the product experience. We've allocated time for it on our roadmap.

In progress feedback status - In progress means that the feedback has been picked up by our team and we are actively working on it.

Completed feedback status - Completed indicates that your feedback has been shipped for the product. You should be able see the feedback implemented on the site.

Needs more info feedback status - Need more info means that we need more details so we can better understand your feedback. Check the comments, where we'll ask for additional information to get a deeper understanding.

Not enough info feedback status - Closed: Not enough info indicates that after several attempts, we haven’t received enough information to understand your feedback to act on it. We have to close the item as we're unable to take any further action at this stage. Found the information we were looking for? You may request to reactivate the ticket via a new comment when you have the additional information.

Duplicate feedback status - Closed: Duplicate indicates that someone else has already provided the same feedback. Review the comments to find the link to the original feedback and follow it to receive updates.

Not at this time feedback status - Closed: Not at this time means that the feedback is not aligned with our current roadmap. Even if we're unable to pursue your feedback at this time, we'll continue to monitor in case the community weighs in, and decide if we will bring it up for consideration later on.

Other product feedback status - Closed: Other product means we're unable to address the feature suggestion at this time because it's not applicable to Microsoft Q&A. If possible, we'll provide details on where you can share your suggestion for the appropriate product.