Feedback on Microsoft Q&A

You can provide feedback on the Microsoft Q&A site and user experience directly using the Microsoft Q&A tag. Feedback from users is critical for the product team to understand how the site is performing and what the team can improve for users. Your feedback will help make Microsoft Q&A an even better platform. The Microsoft Q&A team will evaluate your feedback on a regular basis and provide updates along the way.


This workflow only applies to feedback on the Microsoft Q&A platform. For other Microsoft products and services, please refer to their specific feedback channels off of the Microsoft Q&A site.

Steps to provide feedback

Please follow these steps to provide feedback about Microsoft Q&A directly on site.

  1. First, visit the Microsoft Q&A tag page and/or use the site search feature to check if another user has provided the same feedback. If they have, you can vote on that question instead of posting a new one.
  2. Go to the Ask a Question page by selecting on the "Ask a question" button at the top right of any Q&A page.
  3. Title: Enter the type of feedback, followed by a brief and descriptive title to the feedback item you're submitting.
  4. Tags: Tag all feedback with "Microsoft Q&A," and do not select any additional tags.
  5. Details: Provide a thorough description of the feedback. This will help other users understand the feedback and vote on it, and assist the Microsoft Q&A team in understanding and prioritizing your submission.

Types of feedback

Please include the type of feedback at the start of the title of your submission. Example: "Suggestion: Increase the number of questions displayed per page."

  • Suggestions: Use to suggest adjustments/improvements to existing features and workflows.
  • Bugs: Use when site features are not working as expected.
  • Feature requests: Use to propose new functionality that you'd like to see on Microsoft Q&A.

Voting on feedback

Use the content voting and rating functionality to engage with feedback submitting by other Microsoft Q&A users. This will be a helpful tool for the Microsoft Q&A team to understand user priorities.