Deleting Test Data

This document covers the scenario where an App Center Test customer has a client whose data is on the same account. If this client requests their data be exported, App Center Test has APIs to satisfy this request. All the APIs detailed are public and documented in App Center Swagger. For more information about App Center GDPR, visit GDPR: Managing Your Data.

Deleting Test Data

When a client requests deleting their test reports, you may service this request using the following process:

  1. Generate an API token.

  2. Call the App Center Test API to acquire a list of all the test run IDs owned by the client requesting deletion. You'll need the app name, and the owner (user or organization) name.

    GET /v0.1/apps/{owner_name}/{app_name}/test_runs
  3. For each of the app IDs gathered in the previous step, make the following API call to delete the test run.

    DELETE /v0.1/apps/{owner_name}/{app_name}/test_runs/{test_run_id}
  4. Completion of this task is achieved only if all the deletion calls return success.