Xamarin.UITest Features

The documents in this section discuss various tasks for writing and running Xamarin.UITests.


Backdoors are methods that can be invoked during a test run to do some special action to configure or set up testing state on a device. For example, a backdoor may be used to seed a database with some test data so that all of the tests in a given fixture have the same data.

Categorized Test

This guide discusses how to categorize your tests, allowing you to run a subset of your entire test suite.

Entering Text

This guide discusses how to enter text into views and how to clear text from views.


This guide discusses how to upload files and access them from your tests in App Center Test.


Simulate gestures such as taps and swipes in your Xamarin.UITests.


Discusses how to use the REPL to help create Xamarin.UITests.

Timeouts & Waiting

This guide will discuss how to use timeouts and waits in Xamarin.UITest.

Web Views

Describes how to use the Xamarin.UITest APIs to interact with web views in a mobile app.