Test Troubleshooting

The documents in this section provide general troubleshooting tips for App Center Test.

General Tips

If you're unsure how to diagnose your issue, here are some general tips:

  • Confirm your tests work locally. Ideally compare similar device model(s) and OS versions to minimize variables.
  • Compare working vs. failing devices in Test that have at least one variable in common. For example, OS version, model, or form factor.
  • iOS simulator app packages can't be uploaded to Test. Test requires a iOS device build (IPA) that our system can re-sign using our Development Provisioning files.
  • Your test suite might need extra time or a server connection to reliably pass tests in App Center.
  • Test can't automate multiple apps, or system apps (browser, camera, and so on). This limitation is true even for testing frameworks that allow full system control locally.
  • Don't include App DLLs in your Test suite. App DLLs aren't neccessary because your app binary is provided to Test. If you include those DLLs anyways, it can cause unexpected behavior such as stalls or other strange symptoms.

Common Documented Issues

Framework-specific resources

Issues that occur in local testing, or using specific framework features, usually require framework-specific troubleshooting. Helpful resources are listed below:

App Center Guides External Framework Documentation
Appium Appium Website
Calabash Calabash iOS Wiki, Calabash Android Wiki
Espresso  Espresso Documentation
Xamarin.UITest N/A
XCUITest XCUITest Documentation

Contacting App Center Support

Open the help menu in the upper-right corner of the App Center portal: https://www.appcenter.ms > ? > Contact support. Use the message field to explain your issue or question. Support is provided in English only and during business hours.