GUID Table for Windows Azure Active Directory Permissions


This blog is meant to help users who need to get the Windows Azure Active Directory Permissions (WAAD) Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) in order to create AAD Applications using the Microsoft Graph API, or for other reasons where they just need to get the GUID for a certain WAAD permission. For further information regarding AAD permissions please refer to the blog post :


Note: That these GUIDs are subject to change in the future and may not be the same anymore.


The Resource App ID for the Windows Azure Active Directory is : 00000002-0000-0000-c000-000000000000

GUID of Permission Permission
5778995a-e1bf-45b8-affa-663a9f3f4d04Type : Role Read directory data
abefe9df-d5a9-41c6-a60b-27b38eac3efbType : Role Read and write domains
78c8a3c8-a07e-4b9e-af1b-b5ccab50a175Type : Role Read and write directory data
1138cb37-bd11-4084-a2b7-9f71582aeddbType : Role Read and write devices
9728c0c4-a06b-4e0e-8d1b-3d694e8ec207Type : Role Read all hidden memberships
824c81eb-e3f8-4ee6-8f6d-de7f50d565b7Type : Role Manage apps that this app creates or owns
1cda74f2-2616-4834-b122-5cb1b07f8a59Type : Role Read and write all applications
aaff0dfd-0295-48b6-a5cc-9f465bc87928Type : Role Read and write domains
a42657d6-7f20-40e3-b6f0-cee03008a62aType : Scope Access the directory as the signed-in user
5778995a-e1bf-45b8-affa-663a9f3f4d04Type : Scope Read directory data
78c8a3c8-a07e-4b9e-af1b-b5ccab50a175Type : Scope Read and write directory data
970d6fa6-214a-4a9b-8513-08fad511e2fdtype: Scope Read and write all groups
6234d376-f627-4f0f-90e0-dff25c5211a3type: Scope Read all groups
c582532d-9d9e-43bd-a97c-2667a28ce295type: Scope Read all users' full profiles
cba73afc-7f69-4d86-8450-4978e04ecd1atype: Scope Read all users' basic profiles
311a71cc-e848-46a1-bdf8-97ff7156d8e6type: Scope Sign in and read user profile
2d05a661-f651-4d57-a595-489c91eda336type: Scope Read hidden memberships



If you have anymore issues in regards to this please file a support ticket and one of our support engineers will reach out to you to resolve the issue. Please include a fiddler trace of a repro of the issue occurring as well as a summary of the expected behavior versus the current behavior.