TFS Trial about to expire? Purchased TFS, need a product key?

Well, it's a common request. You started out using the Trial edition of Team Foundation Server 2008, which goes 90 days, and you want to activate that version, so you call your reseller, purchase a copy of TFS. Now, you wait for your installation media (or you download it from the volume licensing benefits site-MVLS), and you're ready to do the upgrade, except ...


It asks you for a product key. And you don't have one. What do you do?

Don't fret. Here's how to continue:

There actually is a key buried in the volume licensing media.  Here's how you find it:

- Go to the media

- Open up the 'AT' directory

- Use notepad to open the setup.sdb file

- Search for "Product Key" in that file

- Voila! There's your product key! (Go ahead an use it, assuming of course you've purchased your TFS!!!)

bharry's WebLog : Checking your TFS Version and Extending Trials