Must watch MSDNTV shows on network programming

If you love working on network programming and curious to see the demo of upcoming network programming features in .Net frameworks 2.0, you will love these MSDN  TV shows from our team. 

Write Connected Applications Using System.Net

Learn how to write better connected apps with System.Net in Visual Studio 2005. Since VS 2003, we've significantly enhanced the System.Net class libraries to make writing connected apps easier with added support for FTP, SMTP protocols, and the ability to listen and respond to HTTP requests

What's New in .NET Remoting for .NET Framework 2.0

Matt Tavis shows some new features and code examples in .NET Remoting in .NET Framework 2.0, including the new IpcChannel, the secure TcpChannel, and Version Tolerant Serialization (VTS) to allow authors to version their types without breaking serialization.