EF Fixes in Visual Studio 2012 Update 1

Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 is now available for download. This update includes three bug fixes for the Entity Framework Designer for Visual Studio 2012.

  • Nesting an .edmx file under a project folder would stop the code from being automatically regenerated when you saved changes to the edmx file. This was the highest voted issue¬†on our CodePlex site and is fixed in VS2012 Update 1.
  • The changes we made to code generation for models created in the EF Designer in Visual Studio 2012 were causing significantly more virtual memory to be used when working with an EF model in Visual Studio. VS2012 Update 1 includes a fix that reduces virtual memory usage below what it was in Visual Studio 2010. More details about this issue are available on our CodePlex site.
  • The EF Designer in VS2012 introduced a new feature that updated facets of entity properties (such as length, precision, etc.) based on the facets of the corresponding database column. This is done to propagate changes the user made to the database to the entities. However, with some database providers, such as Oracle, the discrepancy is intentional and facet propagation was producing invalid models. VS2012 Update 1 disables facet propagation for all providers except SQL Server. More details about this issue are available on our CodePlex site.