EF6.0.2 Nightly Builds Available

We recently blogged about our plans to publish a 6.0.2 patch release to address some issues in the 6.0.0 and 6.0.1 releases. The changes in this release will improve performance and fix some bugs introduced in the EF6 release.


Try out the nightly builds

Because this patch will go straight to RTM, we need your help to try out the nightly builds and let us know if the issues are fixed and/or if you encounter any new issues.

We’ve started pushing 6.0.2 builds to the same MyGet feed we push nightly builds of our master branch to (currently the 6.1 code base that we are working on).

Not all the fixes for 6.0.2 are checked in at the time this post was published. You can keep track of what issues we are planning to address in 6.0.2 (and the state of the fix) on our CodePlex site.


Configuring NuGet

You need to configure NuGet to use the feed that contains nightly builds.

  • In Visual Studio select Tools –> Library Package Manager –> Package Manager Settings
  • Select Package Sources from the left pane
  • Enter Nightly Builds as the Name and https://www.myget.org/F/aspnetwebstacknightly/ as the Source
  • Click Add and then OK



Using a Nightly Build

Once the nightly feed is configured you can add the latest build of the 6.0.2 NuGet package:

  • In Visual Studio select Tools –> Library Package Manager –> Package Manager Console
  • At the command prompt you can run the Install-Package command specifying a version that includes the current date. The format for this command is Install-Package EntityFramework –Pre –Version 6.0.2-nightly-2<two_digit_month><two_digit_day>
    • For example, today’s date is November-13 so you can run Install-Package EntityFramework –Pre –Version 6.0.2-nightly-21113 to get today’s build

Note: If you do not specify a version, or if you install via the NuGet UI, you will get the latest 6.1 build which includes fixes that will not be included in the 6.0.2 release.

Nightly builds are typically available on MyGet by 10am PST each day, but from time to time things happen and they may be later.