EF6.1.2 RTM Available

Today we are pleased to announce the availability of EF6.1.2. This patch release includes a number of high priority bug fixes and some contributions from our community.


What’s in EF6.1.2?

EF6.1.2 is mostly about bug fixes, you can see a list of the fixes included in EF6.1.2 on our CodePlex site.

We also accepted a couple of noteworthy changes from members of the community:

  • Query cache parameters can be configured from the app/web.configuration file

      <queryCache size='1000' cleaningIntervalInSeconds='-1'/>   
  • SqlFile and SqlResource methods on DbMigration allow you to run a SQL script stored as a file or embedded resource.


Where do I get EF6.1.2?

The runtime is available on NuGet. Follow the instructions on our Get It page for installing the latest version of Entity Framework runtime.

The tooling is available on the Microsoft Download Center. You only need to install the tooling if you want to create models using the EF Designer, or generate a Code First model from an existing database.


Thank you to our contributors

We’d like to say thank you to folks from the community who have contributed to the 6.1.2 release so far:

  • BrandonDahler
  • ErikEJ
  • Honza Široký
  • martincostello
  • UnaiZorrilla


What’s next?

In addition to working on the next major version of EF (Entity Framework 7), we’re also working on another update to EF6. This update to EF6 is tentatively slated to be another patch release (EF6.1.3) and we are working a series of bug fixes and accepting pull requests.