The purpose of this blog is to provide public answers to the Windows Workflow Foundation questions that I come across every now and again at work.  These questions usually target a specific scenario but can be easily abstracted to a more general inquiry of "how to accomplish X" or "why does Y happen" or "what is the purpose of Z".  The end goal is to provide a quick reference for the solutions to tricky problems that custom activity writers and complex scenario developers will face during design and implementation.  As such, welcome to Advanced Workflow: Enabling Tricky Scenarios.

About the author: My name is Nathan Talbert and I work for the Windows Workflow Foundation team at Microsoft.  I've been working closely with the custom activity and core runtime aspects of our product for quite a while now and hope to share some of the knowledge I've gained with our customers.  I enjoy any feedback which helps me to that end, so please feel free to comment on content, writing style, and accuracy.