Just Released: Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.1 and Unity 1.2

From the floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center, I am writing this message in between many exciting PDC sessions and conversations with customers of Enterprise Library and other p&p assets.

Microsoft patterns & practices is pleased to announce the twin release of Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.1 and Unity 1.2.

What’s New in Enterprise Library v4.1?

This release of Enterprise Library is a service release that includes the following:

– Unity interception mechanism and integration of the Policy Injection Application Block with the Unity Application Block;

– Performance improvements;

– Usability improvements to the configuration tool;

– Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 support;

– Bug fixes.

For the detailed list of all changes, see About This Release of Enterprise Library.

What’s New in Unity v1.2?

− Added an interception mechanism (extension);

− Added two instance interceptors (TransparentProxyInterceptor, InterfaceInterceptor) and one type interceptor (VirtualMethodInterceptor);

− Improved support for generics;

− Added support for arrays;

− Registered names are now available as an ObjectBuilder policy so that you can do a ResolveAll from within the strategy chain. The container automatically registers itself with itself;

− Added PerThreadLifeTimeManager;

− Bug fixes;

− Performance improvements.

How to Get Started?

If you are new to Enterprise Library:

− read the Introduction to the Enterprise Library;

− download, compile, and run the QuickStart samples —study the code;

− read through the related QuickStart Walkthroughs and “Key Scenarios” sections of the documentation;

− practice the Hands-On Labs;

− review the source and unit tests for deeper understanding;

− view webcasts on Enterprise Library and Unity, review demo code.

If you already know and love the Enterprise Library:

− check out the change log for this release;

− upgrade to V4.1—no code change is required—simply update the references to the corresponding application block assemblies and to the common assemblies;

− download the updated QuickStarts and run through the Unity-integrated examples to get the flavor of new dependency injection style of using the Enterprise Library;

− review the documentation on how to use interception with Unity;

− view webcasts on Enterprise Library and Unity, review demo code.

Happy Coding!