Preview Drop #3 of Enterprise Library Silverlight Integration Pack

Third drop of the Enterprise Library 5.0 Silverlight Integration Pack is now available on Codeplex.

What’s in the drop?

- Validation Application Block for Silverlight (details , video1, demo1, video2, demo2
- Caching Application Block for Silverlight with support for:
  -- in-memory cache
  -- isolated storage cache
- Logging Application Block for Silverlight ( video, demo ) with support for:
  -- Notification TraceListener and
  -- IsolatedStorage TraceListener
- Policy Injection handlers for Silverlight:
  -- Validation handler
  -- Logging handler
- Interception mechanism for Silverlight (assemblies only; source released in the Unity tree; video, demo ).

In addition, we’ve done an extensive cleanup.


1) Silverlight SDK (
2) Unity for Silverlight 2.0 (included in the drop)
3) Interception extension for Unity for Silverlight 2.0 (included in the drop)

Additionally, in order to run unit tests, the following are required:
4) Moq (v4.0 or later)
  -- Copy Silverlight4-specific assemblies to Lib\Silverlight\ThirdParty\Moq
  -- Copy .NET4.0 assemblies to Lib\Desktop\ThirdParty\Moq
5) Silverlight 4 Toolkit (
  -- Copy Microsoft.Silverlight.Testing.dll and Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.UnitTesting.Silverlight to Lib\Silverlight\UnitTestFramework

More information & demos at the Enterprise Library Silverlight Integration Pack home page.

As always, your feedback is welcomed!