Future Analysis Services posts on Power BI blog

The Analysis Services Team Blog has served as the medium for many historic announcements and updates in Microsoft BI over the past 10 years. Well, Microsoft is moving off MSDN and TechNet blogs, so this will be the last post on this blog site. The site, including all historical posts, will remain online as a read-only archive.

‘So where will new Analysis Services blog posts be published?’ I hear you ask. We have made it clear that Power BI will be a one-stop shop for both enterprise and self-service BI on a single, all-inclusive platform. Power BI will be a superset of Analysis Services, so there is no better place to announce future Analysis Services features than, you guessed it, on the Power BI blog. The Analysis Services engine is at the foundation of Power BI and powers its datasets, so this just feels right.

Please stay tuned to the new Analysis Services category on the Power BI blog for future Azure Analysis Services and SQL Server Analysis Services announcements: