SSMS DAX Query Editor

We are excited to announce the SQL Server Management Studio DAX Query Editor! Have you ever authored a DAX query in SSMS using the MDX editor? With the new DAX Query Editor, you no longer need to do. Download RC3 for vNext from the SSMS release candidate download page.


To try it out, click on the new DAX Query toolbar button, or right-click > New Query in Object Explorer.


IntelliSense works for DAX functions and model objects. Members listed for selection are type aware. For example, after an EVALUATE statement, the DAX Query Editor expects a table type, so lists DAX table-valued functions, and tables in the model.


Once a function is selected, parameter information is provided.


In the following example, measures are offered for selection instead of DAX functions and tables based on the position of the parameter.


And of course, syntax highlighting works too.


We hope you agree these features make DAX query authoring in SSMS more productive. For example, the type-aware IntelliSense makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

This is the first release of the SSMS DAX Query Editor; it is not yet in GA status. We are still adding enhancements. For example, DEFINE MEASURE syntax recognition, and parenthesis-match highlighting are planned for the next release. If you have suggestions for enhancements, or general feedback, please use ProBIToolsFeedback at