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Anton Lapounov: XML XSLT and Beyond

Secrets of using XML and XSLT in the .NET world

XSLTC — Compile XSLT to .NET Assembly

In my two previous posts I described a potential performance hit caused by XSLT-to-MSIL compilation...

Author: antosha Date: 05/28/2007

XslCompiledTransform Performance: Beating MSXML 4.0

Update:Transformation times for Saxon processors have been remeasured and updated based on the...

Author: antosha Date: 07/24/2006

XslCompiledTransform Slower than XslTransform?

This post discusses: Why XslCompiledTransform may be slower than XslTransform How to reduce start-up...

Author: antosha Date: 07/16/2006