Application Virtualization: The Next Frontier

So what have we been up to lately?  Well, a couple folks here have been working on a baseline whitepaper to showcase the business value and technical capabilities of Microsoft SoftGrid technology for applications deployment and OS migration scenarios.  Yes, I know that's a mouthful but it's good stuff and it's now available online at

So far we've received extremely positive feedback on this so if you're not terribly familiar with SoftGrid then I hope you take a couple minutes to read through it and see what we have to offer.

White Paper Title:

Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization - The Next Frontier

How Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization technology can help organizations curb IT costs, boost user productivity, improve service levels and increase business agility.


IT departments today are struggling to cut costs while increasing operational agility, delivering superior service, and maintaining high customer satisfaction. Application virtualization with Microsoft SoftGrid technologies can help with all of these goals. By converting applications into virtual services that are managed and hosted centrally but run on demand locally, application virtualization reduces the complexity and labor involved in deploying, updating, and managing applications. In addition, because the virtualized applications run in their own environment on client machines, they can significantly reduce application or operating system conflicts - and therefore reduce the need for regression testing or for server silos to host the various applications. With the resulted consolidations, hardware costs will be much lower than they are today and managing IT assets will be simpler, resulting in lower administrative costs. In short, by helping IT organizations decrease total cost of ownership (TCO), increase service levels, and more easily respond to changing requirements, application virtualization can serve as a strategic tool that delivers significant competitive advantage and that allows your organization to move further along the infrastructure optimization continuum.