Now available: April 2016 hotfix rollup for the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack

The April 2016 hotfix rollup for MDOP is now available. The article linked below describes the hotfixes in the rollup as well as download and installation instructions.

For Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) 2.1 SP1, this hotfix package fixes an issue where changing the desktop wallpaper generates a COM error causing wallpaper synchronization to fail.

For Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 5.1 RTM, this hotfix package fixes the following issues:

  • Issue 1: App-V crashes on Remote Desktop Services (RDS) when dynamic configuration causes a policy update.
  • Issue 2: Custom configurations for existing entitlements are overwritten.
  • Issue 3: Added ETW log to detect when file has incorrect "FILE_EXECUTE" permissions.
  • Issue 4: App-V template for UE-V is missing registry keys. See Microsoft Authored UE-V Settings Location Template for App-V 5.0 Client for the template fix.

For additional details please see the following:

3144445 - April 2016 hotfix rollup for Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (

J.C. Hornbeck, Solution Asset PM
Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Group