SharePoint 2010 End User Training and Help

I met up with Martin Harwar, SharePoint MVP & Solution Architect at Point8020, and he demoed  ShowMe for SharePoint 2010 that delivers premium SharePoint 2010 End User training and video help. It provides consumable help & training when end users need it on many SharePoint topics that helps accelerate adoption. I’m really impressed with how ShowMe for SharePoint 2010 provides an integrated, intuitive & in-context learning experience to end users. If you’re a SharePoint 2010 customer or partner who is looking to train end users on SharePoint 2010, I definitely recommend checking it out! After talking to Martin, I had a chance to install it and check it out for myself. Here's my take:

Integrated & Intuitive User Experience
ShowMe for SharePoint 2010 is there when users needs it! End Users can launch training from anywhere within SharePoint. That makes it really relevant and it’s a really good example of a solution that takes advantage of the SharePoint User Experience extensibility.
One example below is how ShowMe for SharePoint is an available option in the Site Actions menu. This allows for easy access from any SharePoint site.


Another example, as you can see below, is how the ShowMe tab lights up in the SharePoint Ribbon. This provides in-context one click access.


Also, ShowMe for SharePoint is easily discoverable when users search for a particular topic. The words spoken in each video are indexed by SharePoint search.

Rich & Comprehensive Training
When an end user clicks on a training topic from the Site Actions menu or the SharePoint Ribbon, end users get a really nice Silverlight training experience without having to leave where they are (see screenshot below). From the training application, end users can navigate through a number of topics and watch a short video that "shows" them how to do a particular task. The current version of ShowMe for SharePoint ships with 101 training videos. Based on my conversation with Martin, I expect the number of topics and videos to expand in the near future.   


Easy & Flexible Deployment
If you’re an IT Administrator or even a Site Admin, the great thing about the ShowMe for SharePoint 2010 solution is that you can easily deploy it. It’s a Sandboxed Solution so it doesn’t require any special access to the SharePoint Server. There are various options you can choose from making it easy to deploy & very flexible. There's also a nice FAQ if you have questions on how to install the solution.


I recommend checking it out for yourself @! You can download for free & it comes with simple installation instructions; you can also watch a short video of it in action. Enjoy!