How to use DBeaver with Azure #HDInsight


DBeaver is SQL client and a database administration tool. It is free and open-source (ASL).

DBeaver use JDBC API to connect with SQL based databases. Following is a simple walk through of how to connect Azure HDInsight cluster [Hadoop or Interactive Query] with DBeaver. This article is based on HDInsight 3.6 version.

Step1: Install DBeaver from DBeaver website

Step2: Note down JDBC connection string for your cluster


Step3: Create new Apache Hive Connection


Step4: Edit the driver properties and chose exact version of Hive driver that matches your cluster version. In below example we are working with LLAP (Hive version 2.0.1)


Step5: Download the driver version, set JDBC connection and test the connection. If you are using a cluster with security package, you can also specify your domain credentials to log in.


Step6: Strat executing queriesSmile


start querying


There are several other tools you can use to connect with HDInsight cluster, some of them are documented below