PowerShell Video Training from Microsoft

People frequently ask me, “Where can I learn more about PowerShell?” Today’s post will highlight popular video training options available directly from Microsoft.

Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA)Jeffrey and Jason having fun with DSC on MVA

There are many free, publicly available PowerShell video courses on Microsoft Virtual Academy. These cover a range of topics from core PowerShell features to Desired State Configuration (DSC), Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Office 365 and more. Here are the most popular titles:

MSDN Channel9

Another avenue for free online PowerShell training is Channel9. Here you will find PowerShell video training from a number of sources and in a variety of languages in addition to English. This is a great place to find recorded sessions from TechEd and Ignite events.


For a while Microsoft offered a paid PowerShell class on edX. That course has been archived now, but you can look there for popular Microsoft technology courses. Many of these are free.

Microsoft Premier Workshop Library on DemandDesired State Configuration With PowerShell v5.0 Video Series

You have many choices for training these days, both online and in the classroom. Microsoft Virtual Academy titles usually move fast to cover a lot of content. These Premier titles will dive deeper and slow down the pace to help with learning. Customers prefer training from Microsoft PFEs, because they get knowledge that comes from real-world experience of engineers working with customers of all sizes.

Microsoft Premier customers can get full-length, quality PowerShell training directly from Microsoft via streaming video at your convenience.The video training is an add-on item for Premier contracts. Not all Premier customers may have purchased this option, but they can always add it.

As a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer I teach many PowerShell workshops. Traditionally this has been classroom work, but over the last few years we have expanded our online offerings. We teach live remote workshops over Skype and use cloud-hosted labs. We also record training videos for you to stream on your schedule.

We call the online training videos Education as a Service and have given it the brand name Premier Workshop Library on Demand (WLOD) .  Check out a YouTube video explaining it here.

What is available?

Find below the current list of PowerShell video workshops available for Premier customers through WLOD. The links below go directly to the courses once you are logged into the Premier Services portal.

  • Windows PowerShell v4.0 for the IT Professional, Part 1 - 14.5 hours - https://aka.ms/wpsp1
    Beginners start here. My buddy Gary and I will teach you all the essentials to start your journey as a PowerShell scripter. This is our most popular course of all Premier workshops!
  • Windows PowerShell v4.0 for the IT Professional, Part 2 - 12.5 hours - https://aka.ms/wpsp2
    Gary and I continue with deeper content on advanced functions, regular expressions, debugging, error handling, etc.
  • WorkshopPLUS – Windows PowerShell v5 Features - 11 hours - https://aka.ms/wpsv5
    This course covers the new PowerShell features released since the recording of the Part 1 and Part 2 workshops. Find detailed training on the new features in PowerShell WMF 5.0.
  • Desired State Configuration with PowerShell 5.0 - 17 hours - https://aka.ms/wpsdsc
    Everyone is talking about it. Learn it here. Ben and I spent time with customers in the field doing DSC, and then we wrote this course for you to learn it.

Here I have only listed the PowerShell titles. Essentially all of our Premier workshop titles are available on video now, so PowerShell is only the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve received a great deal of positive feedback from customers who love this stuff.

How do I get it?

Microsoft Premier customers with the WLOD subscription can access this offering; talk to your Premier Technical Account Manager (TAM) for more information and pricing.  If you would like to become a Premier customer go here.

To access the video courses follow these steps:

  • Go to https://services.premier.microsoft.com
  • Click Sign In
  • Log in with your Microsoft Account (Windows Live ID) that has been granted access to Workshop Library On-Demand. For questions contact your Premier TAM.
  • Click on My Education
  • Use the Category filter on the left to find Windows Server titles
  • Scroll through the list or use CTRL+F in the browser to find the specific PowerShell titles

You will have access to watch hundreds of Microsoft Premier workshop titles.

Microsoft Premier Webcast: PowerShell Ramp-Up Series

The Premier Webcast – PowerShell Ramp-Up Series is a collection of webcasts created with the goal of teaching from basic to more advanced PowerShell skills. No prior knowledge is necessary.

Beginning April 1, 2016 we have a special three month window of on-demand PowerShell training webcasts. Topics include:

  • Fundamentals to Advanced
  • Desired State Configuration
  • Advanced Functions
  • Workflow
  • Modules
  • Office 365
  • SQL
  • System Center
  • SharePoint
  • Security
  • And more…

This PowerShell Ramp-up Series offering allows developers and administrators to logon and view 16+ webcasts with a duration of approximately 2-hours each, which totals approximately 36 hours of PowerShell training. The content can be accessed anytime throughout the 3-month availability. Access starts on the first day of the first month and expires on the last day of the third month.

Sessions are delivered via on-demand streaming. In the recorded webcast, the instructor provides a combination of PowerPoint and demos in a rich and effective learning experience. Delivery time for each webcast is 90-120 minutes and the series contains a minimum of 16+ webcasts.

Contact your Microsoft Services Representative or TAM for more information and pricing.

What about non-Microsoft video training?


Of course YouTube is packed with other video options as well. I especially want to point out that you can find most of the PowerShell Summit presentations there. MVPs, Microsoft PowerShell team members, and other members of the community present fantastic topics that are usually 300-400 level at this annual event previously held in North America and Europe. You will see expert demos in these videos that you will find nowhere else.


There are many other video training options from MVPs and partners, ranging from free to paid. As a Microsoft employee I cannot endorse any one particular offering. However, I can tell you that many of the PowerShell MVPs record training for PluralSight. I have not watched any of that content, but I know many of these folks and trust them to do a great job.

Bonus Content: PowerScripting Podcast

One of my favorite resources for learning PowerShell prior to all of the video training options we have today has been the PowerScripting Podcast. This resource was created by two MVPs out of Atlanta, Jon and Hal. You can listen to interviews with many celebrities and MVPs in the world of PowerShell. They even have a chat room you can attend during the live podcast recordings to ask questions of the guests. I highly recommend this resource to customers as I deliver PowerShell training.

Get started today!

Surviving and thriving in the IT industry requires constant learning. PowerShell is a core skillset. Regardless of your current knowledge level of PowerShell, these resources will raise your game. Learn something new today!