Windows 7 Folder Redirection rename the Home folder in "My Documents"

When you redirect the Documents folder on a Windows 7-based computer to a network share, the folder name unexpectedly changes back to Documents. But we expect the folder name to be the user name.

Here are reproduce steps:

Server : Windows 2008 R2 STD (US)
Station : Windows Seven (Fr)

1.    We defined a hidden share as the home folder in Active Directory.
Ex :
\ServerUsers$User1 (home folder for user 1)
\ServerUsers$User2 (home folder for user 2)
2.    In GPO:
Configure the Folder redirection Setting with this parameter :
Basic - redirect everyone's folder to the same location
Redirect to the users home directory
Move the content of Documents to the new location
Also apply redirection policy to windows 2000 etc...

3.    When log to the server and browse "users" directory, the user directory appear like he was renamed in "My Documents"
Ex :
D:usersMy Documents
D:usersMy Documents
D:usersMy Documents

The folder are not really renamed, it was just the display that was incorrect.

4.    If using a command line to browse the directory, the folder appear with the good name.


This behavior was firstly observed in Windows Vista and still in Windows 7.
It appears to be a change from Windows XP - in XP, redirecting to the folder does not change the display name of that folder.


More information:;EN-US;947222