Node.JS Diagnoser Site Extension for Azure Web APP is Ready

In my latest post, introduced that the default Node.JS version (0.10.32, x86) parser function is embedded in Azure Web APP DaaS.

Here the Node.JS Diagnoser Site Extension is provided specifically for diagnosing more Node.JS versions (0.12.6 X86 and X64) and more flexible operations. In simple words, now it supports analyzing:

0.10.32 X86

0.12.6 X86

0.12.6 X64

To use it:

1. Install Node.JS Diagnoser Site Extension from

a. Open Azure Portal, navigate to App Services -> your Web App -> Tools -> Extensions.

b. Click Add, and choose Node Diagnoser to install it.

Note: After the Site Extension was installed (take around 30 seconds), the portal will restart App by default. You may want to do this installation during non-business hours if business requires.


2. After installation, accesshttps://<appname>

3. To analyze all running node processes directly, click Analyzing Running Node button. You can click SafeStop at any time if want to stop the analyzing.


4. To analyze the node process separated, click the FullDump button in front of the node process. After dump generated completed (the file size doesn’t change in the Dump File List), click 32bitAnalyzer (if the node process is X86) or 64bitAnalzyer (if the node process is X64).


After several minutes, the report zip will display in the Report List section. User can download and unzip the report package, view Indext.html. For details refer to this article.

In future, the support version list can be added per users’ feedback. And we will also consider embedding popular versions into DaaS.


Freist Li