Surface Ethernet Drivers


My name is Scott McArthur and I am a Supportability Program Manager for Surface. Today I have a quick blog on some important deployment information regarding the Surface Ethernet Drivers. When doing a deployment, it is necessary to add the Surface Ethernet drivers to boot images (ConfigMgr, MDT, WDS). This blog will discuss where to get the drivers.

First some technical details on the drivers themselves:

  • PNPID: VID_045E&PID_07C6. This is partial PNPID
  • Windows 10 X86
    • msux86w10.inf
    • msux86w10.sys
  • Windows 10 X64
    • msux64w10.inf
    • msux64w10.sys
  • Windows 8.1 X86
    • msu30x86w8.inf
    • msu30x86w8.sys
  • Windows 8.1 X64
    • msu30x64w8.inf
    • msu30x64w8.sys

Where to get the driver:

  • Starting with Windows 10 Version 1607 the Surface Ethernet driver is included so if you are deploying it should just work. Note the inbox version is 10.2.504.2016. A later version has already been released.
  • The .MSI package, which is used to update existing installs of Surface, does not contain the Surface Ethernet Drivers.
  • The .ZIP package used for bare metal deployments (For example Surface Pro 4) do not contain the Surface Ethernet drivers.

To download the latest drivers for Surface Ethernet adapter, do the following:

  1. Browse to the Microsoft Update Catalog here.
  2. In the search box enter Surface Ethernet Drivers.
When looking at the drivers pay special attention to the version column. At the time of this blog publication the latest drivers were:
  • Windows 10: 10.2.704.2016
  • Windows 8.1: 8.18.303.2015



  • Check back regularly for any new versions.
  • There are 2 entries. One for x86 and one for x64. x86 is primarily for customers who have purchased the Surface Ethernet Adapter and using it on another device although you may be booting X86 based boot image but installing X64 operating system. Best practice is to include both in your deployments.
  • The drivers support the older 10/100 adapter (model 1552), newer USB 3.0 1GB adapter (model 1663), and Surface docks

Update 4/24/2017

Just wanted to update this blog with the latest information.  The name of the driver has changed in the Microsoft Update Catalog to "Microsoft-Net"


Hope this helps with your deployments.