Link to new .NET Framework Repair Tool that can diagnose and repair .NET Framework 4 setup issues

There was a .NET Framework Repair Tool posted on the Microsoft Download Center earlier this summer, and I wanted to post a link here to hopefully make it easier for people to find. 

I have seen this new tool successfully identify and fix .NET Framework 4 installation issues that have previously required using more invasive means to solve.  Unlike the .NET Framework cleanup tool available via my blog, this new tool performs targeted diagnostics and makes fixes for specific setup issues instead of resorting to forcibly removing the .NET Framework and requiring the user to re-install it.

If you run into a .NET Framework 4 installation issue, I strongly encourage you to download the .NET Framework Repair Tool and run it to see if it resolves your issue before resorting to trying the .NET Framework cleanup tool.  Here are links that you can use to find additional information about the .NET Framework Repair Tool:

<update date="9/8/2012"> Added a link to the knowledge base article for the .NET Framework Repair Tool. </update>