Ignite 2018 - Windows Server 2019 Session Recordings

Now that Ignite is over and jetlag has mostly subsided it's time to highlight some of the sessions on Windows Server 2019 that will give you an idea of what's included. In the following posts I will be covering additional areas of interest, continuing with more Windows Server topics and then switching gears to client and cloud technologies.

Windows Server 2019: What’s new and what's next

Windows Server is a key component in Microsoft's hybrid and on-premises strategy and in this session, hear what's new in Windows Server 2019. Join us as we discuss the product roadmap, Semi-Annual Channel, and demo some exciting new features.

Windows Server 2019 deep dive

Hybrid at its core. Secure by design. With cloud application innovation and hyper-converged infrastructure built into the platform, backed by the world’s most trusted cloud, Azure, Microsoft presents Windows Server 2019. In this session Jeff Woolsey - Principal Program Manager - dives into the details of what makes Windows Server 2019 an exciting platform for IT pros and developers looking into modernizing their infrastructure and applications.

What's new in Remote Desktop Services on Windows Server 2019

Remote Desktop Services evolved along with Windows Server to become one of the main platforms for providing users centralized access to the applications they need. In this session, learn about the enhancements in Windows Server 2019 and how these combined with the power of Azure to fit your virtualization needs.

Retire your old file servers with Storage Migration Service in Windows Server 2019

Support for Windows Server 2008 ends in 15 months and Windows Server 2012 mainstream support ends in two weeks; what are you going to do about it? Windows Server 2019 introduces the new Storage Migration Service feature to help your organization seamlessly move off of legacy servers onto new targets on-premises and in Azure, without impacting your users, network, or security settings. Learn how to deploy the Storage Migration Service, its integration with Azure File Sync and Azure Migrate, and its future roadmap for NFS, SAN, NAS, and block. Then watch Ned migrate a legacy Windows Server to Windows Server 2019 in under five minutes while using the new Windows Admin Center management system!

Windows Server 2019 System Insights: Simplified ML for the intelligent edge

System Insights is a new feature and platform in Windows Server 2019, which introduces native predictive analytics capabilities to Windows Server. These predictive capabilities locally analyze Windows Server system data, helping you proactively detect and address problematic behavior in your deployments. In this session, learn how to manage these predictive capabilities, visualize prediction outputs using Windows Admin Center, create remediation actions, and even write your own capabilities to analyze system data.