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Windows Server 2016 Documents Available For Download

With the launch of Windows Server 2016 just around the corner I thought I would highlight some of the resources that are available for download.

Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 security auditing and monitoring reference

Weighing in at over 700 pages, some light reading for those of you in need of detailed technical descriptions for most of the advanced security audit policies that are included with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, monitoring recommendations for security events to include in advanced security audit policies, and recommendations for Group Policy settings for advanced security audit policy for domain controllers, workstations, and member servers.

Hyper-V Shielded Virtual Machines Compliance white paper

With Windows Server 2016, Microsoft introduces new security features to help protect access to tenant data by enabling encryption of Virtual Machines. While these new features were developed to respond to concerns about how to implement effective security in a cloud environment, there are aspects of these new features that complement any existing compliance requirements a user of Windows Server must adhere to. In this paper, we will discuss an innovative new Hyper-V Virtual Machine (VM) encryption feature of Windows Server 2016 and how this new VM encryption feature can be used to meet compliance and security objectives present in many business or enterprise information systems running Windows Server 2012 and later versions as virtual machines.

Privileged Identity Management Compliance white paper

With emerging cyber threats, Privileged Access Identity is the main target for attackers that want to gain control over an organization’s high value assets. To help organizations better secure and manage their privilege access, Microsoft provides a set of solutions that include "Just In Time" administration with Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 and "Just Enough" Administration with Windows Management Framework 5.0. These enable addressing Privileged Identity Management in existing datacenter and private cloud environments. In this paper, we will discuss these new privilege access management solutions and how they can be used to meet compliance requirements present in many business or enterprise information systems.

Shielded Virtual Machine infographic

To ensure Hyper-V hosts are healthy, multiple components including hardware security features are used to measure the code and state from the moment the machine is powered on.

Containers 101 infographic

A container is a lightweight, portable approach to running multiple applications on

the same operating system kernel. Applications are isolated and packaged only

with their unique dependencies, allowing for increased density because containers

consume fewer resources than traditional virtual machines. Download this infographic to find out more.

Introducing Windows Server 2016

I've mentioned this one before, but it's worth highlighting this ebook is available free of charge.