Windows Server 2019 Resources

Over the coming months there are several events taking place that will help you get onboard with Windows Server 2019, but in the meantime there's plenty of ways you can start the journey. Let's start with the events that are coming up.

The Events...

The Windows Server Summit takes place in the early hours of June 27th for those of us based in Australia. This is an online event, so even if you aren't planning on being awake stupidly early, make sure you register so that you can get a reminder to watch it afterwards.

For partners, Microsoft Inspire 2018 coming in July has some Windows Server 2019 opportunity focused content, which I've highlighted here. Obviously one of the big opportunities is moving customers away from their older Windows Server installations that may be approaching end of support in 2020, and if that's something you need to act on soon take a look at these resources.

Microsoft Ignite 2018 is a bit further out, it's not until late September. It doesn't have its sessions published yet, but no doubt we will see plenty of sessions covering new capabilities and enhancements in Windows Server 2019. The sessions start being listed over the coming week, so I'll make sure

Because this an Australian blog, I need to call out something about the second and third events. These are in-person events in the US, which means that many of you reading won't be able to attend in person, but that doesn't mean you miss out. The Inspire sessions will end up on the Microsoft Partner Network site, and the Ignite sessions end up on the Ignite YouTube channel within a very short timeframe.

The Resources...

If staying ahead of the curve is important to you, make sure you are signed up to the Windows Insider program which started off focused on making early releases of Windows 10 builds available. This has now progressed to also including Windows Server preview builds, including Windows Server 2019 and other members of the Windows Server family.

The Windows Server Blog is the place to go for breaking news and announcements, so add it to your preferred RSS reader. You will also see Windows Server 2019 related blog posts on the Windows Insider blog.

If you want a place to go to ask questions, and get help when you are kicking the wheels, head on over to the Microsoft Tech Community, more specifically the Windows Server Insiders space. Over time you will notice a focus on the Microsoft Tech Community becoming more of the meeting space for those who want to ask or answer questions about different Microsoft technologies, so make sure you register, and look me up on there if you've got questions or ideas for topics you would like covered.