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Sales Training for Microsoft Partners


You are invited! As a valued Microsoft partner and vital contributor to sales and support for solutions built using the Microsoft Data Platform, you are invited to attend upcoming Data Platform Online training courses occurring in September 2016.

Data Platform Online is: a series of online, live, interactive sales training sessions in which participants learn about Data Platform solutions and sales scenarios, resources available to partners, and guidance on how to orchestrate the sale across each stage of the Data Platform sales cycle.

Microsoft’s comprehensive Data Platform: provides tools to capture, transform, and analyze any data of any size, at any scale —using the languages and frameworks enterprises know and want in a trusted environment on-premises and in the cloud.

Who should attend Data Platform Online: Sales professionals within Microsoft Partner organizations.

How Data Platform Online works: There are courses on 6 distinct topics for partners to attend, each lasting 1 hour. Each course topic will be offered on one day in September, with two delivery times to accommodate global time zones. Courses are led by Microsoft experts, and participants learn through a combination of lecture, presentation and interactive discussions.

Course topics, dates, and times:

Register today: Investigate course details and register to attend the ones that interest you the most.

Topic Date/Start Times*
Data Platform Online: Data Platform Modernization September 71am or 10am AEST
Data Platform Online: Mission Critical Application Platform September 81am or 10am AEST
Data Platform Online: Application Platform Migration September 91am or 10am AEST
Data Platform Online: The new sales tools for Data Warehouse and Big Data September 141am or 10am AEST
Data Platform Online: Modern Business Intelligence September 151am or 10am AEST
  Data Platform Online: Accelerating digital transformation through Advanced Analytics solutions September 161am & 10am AEST