Microsoft Australia Partner Awards (MAPA) 2017 – not just the product, but everything about the solution!

When it comes to talking about the Microsoft Australia Awards Program, I’m always a little passionate.  As the owner of the program I get the opportunity to ensure every aspect of it is focused on our customers and partners and that fuels my passion.

I am absolutely thrilled to announce some changes we are making to our Microsoft Australia Awards Program.  Based on feedback from our customers as well as you, our partners, we are launching a brand-new set of awards – moving away from products and towards the transformative work and customer outcomes our best partners are driving.

So, what’s new? First, we’ve cut the number of awards down from 30 to 5.  Not only will this allow us to really highlight the winners in a significant way, but it offers partners to demonstrate the outcomes they are driving for our customers with less constraints.

Our Five new Award Categories are:

These categories are designed to bring to life the digital transformation that you’re driving with your customers built on Microsoft technology, whether it’s a solution, a managed service, an application, a new way of doing business, or even a joint venture!

The second big change is how we’re rewarding the winners. Winners will be awarded with customized logos and web banners that allow you to showcase your company as an esteemed Microsoft Partner (for both winners and finalists); custom public relations templates to help promote your award status (for both winners and finalists); recognition collateral to help celebrate your success; congratulatory letters from Microsoft Australia’s General Manager and photo opportunities and meetings with key Microsoft executives at Microsoft Summit as well as some fantastic PR opportunities. Winners will also be invited to an exclusive awards celebration during Microsoft Summit. This event is a unique opportunity to network with Microsoft executives in specific business areas and strengthen relationships with Microsoft business groups.

To learn more about these new awards visit the Microsoft Australia Partner Awards Site and download the award guidelines.

The submission tool is now open and will remain open until August 25 2017.