Research uncovers digital transformation opportunity for Microsoft Partners


Mark Leigh
One Commercial Partner Lead
Microsoft Australia



Digital transformation is a journey of incremental advances that, done well, should add up to something really significant.

Every day we and our partners work with customers to identify goals and achieve goals, knowing that over time there will be genuine sustained transformation.

Let me give you just one example. Dynamic Business IT Solutions (DBITS) is working with not-for-profit organisation Greening Australia to ensure it has the insights needed to continue restoring Australia’s unique landscapes so that people and nature can thrive – now and into the future. Deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has provided organisation-wide clarity about its progress and streamlined operations for staff and volunteers, ensuring maximum impact for on-ground projects.

Transformation takes time. It relies on systems, processes and culture that ensures access to the right data at the right time. The long-term impact will be profound.

Key to success in a program like that is breaking open silos and getting to the millions of data points in the organisation; the insights that over time fuel the fire of transformation. As partners, you can help your customers understand and interpret data to encourage better decision-making, delivering brilliant outcomes.

What’s the current state of play?

Microsoft recently conducted research to understand how well business was using data to engage customers; empower employees; optimise operations and transform products.

The response, in short, was that there is room for improvement.

In the area of improved customer experience the research identified five key areas where improved access to, and use of data could have real impact:

  • Help obtaining a 360-degree view of customer interactions
  • Improve employee productivity with automation and tools
  • Customise offers and bundle product/service with personal pricing
  • Find new opportunities for product development
  • Pre-empt maintenance with integrated artificial intelligence.

This uncovered a real opportunity for partners because we know that much of the digital transformation dollar spend is directed towards customer experience. Based on their own performance assessment, organisations need help from a trusted partner, particularly when it comes to:

  • Identifying weak points in the customer journey
  • Personalising each customer interaction
  • Standardising and scaling products and services
  • Collecting and auctioning feedback from customers and staff across multiple channels
  • Offering multichannel availability and integration

With that insight, and a focus on achieving digital transformation by focussing on customer experience, DXC is working with artisanal bread-maker and patisserie Noisette to secure its operational efficiency – as well as serve up an improved experience for its customers. Struggling with a patchwork quilt of legacy platforms, the company is implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to support its future growth ambitions.

Partnering on transformation

Of course, digital transformation isn’t just about the customer experience. Organisations that participated in the research stressed that they are also still very focussed on optimising resource scheduling for operational efficiency and being able to generate reports and analytics that support the day to day running of the business.

There’s a real opportunity for partners who are able to help customers empower their employees and transform their products – again by making sure the right data is available to the right people at the right time. Partners bring a fresh pair of eyes to help identify opportunities and deploy best-in-class technologies and processes to ensure maximum impact.

Which is precisely what has happened with Empired who partnered with property development business Peet Group to unlock the power of Dynamics 365. Peet Group has transformed the way the business operates and the transparency and insight now available to managers and executives is revolutionising decision making and positioning the business for continued growth and success.

Share the research findings

I’m pleased to share a number of assets to help you share the research findings with your customers:

Digital transformation research – General presentation Digital transformation research – Government presentation Digital transformation research – Financial Services presentation Digital transformation research – Retail presentation