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Halt! Who goes there?

Migrating from NTLM to Negotiate in a nutshell

Migrating to Negotiate from NTLM is quite simple in most cases. It breaks down into these four...

Author: Authentication Date: 04/27/2006

NTLM’s time has passed

IMHO, Microsoft’s NTLM authentication protocol is getting a bit long on the tooth. Although we still...

Author: Authentication Date: 04/07/2006

New Authentication Functionality in Windows Vista

GINAs Replaced with New Credential Providers In previous releases, the customization of interactive...

Author: Authentication Date: 03/18/2006

Introducing the team

The Windows Authentication Team has 4 Program Managers, 8 developers and 8 testers and works on the...

Author: Authentication Date: 03/15/2006