Cloud computing guide for researchers – Azure IoT for Croke Park Smart Stadium

Using sensors in a busy environment, such as a sports stadium, can unveil deep insights to provide a better experience for visitors to a game, the local community, and tourists wanting to enjoy the venue. Deploying sensors, collecting data, processing it, making sense of the information, and visualising it are key challenges that researchers at Dublin City University were tasked with solving at Croke Park Stadium in Dublin, Ireland, working with Intel and Microsoft’s technical team.


The team used Azure IoT Suite to easily build an end-to-end solution gathering data from sound sensors, and a weather station, and providing analysed information into dashboards via Power BI. The system can be used to provide fans with fun experiences and encouraging the home team with louder cheering! It also helps to monitor for sound pollution, improving relationships with the local community. The weather station improves health and safety for the fantastic Etihad Skyline tour.


You can read the full story by Niall Moran here, which goes into the technical architecture and implementation details.