Introduction to Azure App Consults

Looking for answers to questions about Azure? Well look no further! Welcome to the landing page of the Azure App Consults team, a group within Microsoft that is revolutionizing the way start-ups are collaborating. By way of introduction, my name is Noel Morris, and I am an Azure Apps Consults Engineer at Microsoft. Together, my team and I assist customers from across the world, helping them getting on-boarded with Azure and make the most of the platform’s capabilities. Through our interactions with our diverse array of customers, we’ve been able to collect customer feedback, common questions, and compile that information into this blog to make it more readily available. We hope you’re as excited about what Azure can do for you as we are about helping you get there!


Who We Are

Our group is the Azure App Consults team, AAC for short, a global network of experienced engineers at Microsoft that specialize in a variety of Azure Technologies. Our mission is to empower start-ups across the world with the necessary tools and guidance they need to succeed. Our engineers provide deep, technical one-on-one sessions on how to best utilize Azure, customized to align with the needs of each organization.

What Does Azure App Consults Do?

A consultation is a discussion designed to address the questions and challenges of development teams. Each AAC Engineer works with start-ups and development teams to identify the current state of their cloud architecture, provide customized technical guidance on individual needs, and deliver a detailed action plan in the form of a summary report.

What to Expect From this Blog

Our goal with this blog is simple: to help our customers.

Our team has helped hundreds of customers be successful by providing guidance on a variety of services in Azure. In doing so, we’ve come to note some common questions and patterns. Not only are we eager to help you, we are eager empower you to help yourself! This blog will be a place for our team to proactively engage with organizations looking to getting started with or improve on current Azure implementations.

We will be documenting solutions that we see frequently and common mistakes that are made when implementing those solutions in Azure.

Topics We Cover

We offer customized architecture guidance, assistance with Azure development, and optimization of Azure projects.

Here are a few examples of the exciting topics we cover:

  • Azure App Services
  • Kubernetes and Containers
  • Serverless technologies like Azure Functions and Logic Apps
  • Messaging technologies like Event Hubs and Service Bus
  • And, of course, migrations from On-Prem and other Clouds


We look forward to building a community here and engaging in the conversations that our customers are having around Azure.


Noel Morris

The Azure App Consults Team


More information about how Microsoft and our team are working with start-ups can be found at this link.