Azure Data Architecture Guide – Blog #4: Hybrid data architecture

In this fourth blog entry, we'll continue to explore the Azure Data Architecture Guide. The entries for this blog series are:

Like the previous post, we'll work from a technology implementation seen directly in our customer engagements. The example can help lead you to the ADAG content to make the right technology choices for your business.

Hybrid data architecture

When you need hybrid on-premises and cloud options, nothing comes close to Azure. Use Azure Stack to deliver Azure services from your own datacenter, using the same tools in both environments for unmatched consistency, allowing you to deploy your data solution to the location that best meets your needs. Use ExpressRoute for a private, dedicated and high speed connection that extends your on-premises network into Azure. See this example hybrid reference architecture.

Hybrid data architecture

Highlighted services


Please peruse ADAG to find a clear path for you to architect your data solution on Azure:


Azure CAT Guidance

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