Azure Virtual Datacenter: New Portal and Presentation Deck

Previously, we published the Azure Virtual Datacenter: Concepts eBook and the Azure Virtual Datacenter: Lift and Shift Guide.

See this overview blog post from Mark Ozur.


But, how would you present the concept of the Azure Virtual Datacenter to your team or client? Enter the presentation deck!

Presentation Deck

Azure Virtual Datacenter: Presentation Deck

This presentation deck explores the Azure Virtual Datacenter guidance and tools. It covers the VDC goals, customer drivers, Azure Regions, the elements of a VDC automation, industrialized and trusted Azure VDCs, and it ends with an action plan around CIO guidance.


The deck includes information for getting support and training! The content comes from Mark Ozur, Partner Architect, Azure Engineering, Customer Advisory Team (CAT).

Our editors included Tycen Hopkins and RoAnn Corbisier.


Where can you go to get all the latest Virtual Datacenter resources? The Azure Virtual Datacenter Portal!


You'll find the Azure Virtual Datacenter Portal on the Azure Architecture Center.


Currently, we have 4 content pieces that help tell this story:

  1. Azure Virtual Datacenter: Concepts eBook
  2. Azure Virtual Datacenter: A Network Perspective
  3. Azure Virtual Datacenter: Lift and Shift Guide
  4. Azure Virtual Datacenter: Presentation Deck


Pretty soon we'll include a new eBook and refreshes to some of the content that's up there.


Stay tuned!

- Ninja Ed

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