AzureCAT Whitepaper: SQL Server database files and backups on Azure Storage for SAP workloads

As more users migrate their SAP workloads to Azure, they will discover the benefits of migrating the Microsoft SQL Server data tier as well. Storing SQL Server data files on Azure can help speed migration, improve security, and provide high availability and disaster recovery. This guide by Ravi Alwani of AzureCAT addresses common questions from SAP users. It explains how to store SQL Server data files using Azure Blob Storage and set up file-snapshot backups, which provide nearly instantaneous backups and quicker restores for database files stored using the Azure Blob Storage service.

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Basic Table of Contents (TOC):

  1. Introduction
  2. SQL Server data files on blob storage
    1. Use PowerShell
      1. Create credentials
      2. Create a test database
    2. Use Azure portal
  3. File-snapshot backups for database files on Azure
    1. Back up database using file-snapshot backup
    2. Generate activity and backup logs using file-snapshot backup
    3. Restore a database to a point in time
  4. Learn more


Written by AzureCAT Ravi Alwani. Edited by Nanette Ray. Reviewed by Cameron Gardiner.


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