New Azure Service Fabric Customer Profile from Azure CAT and CSA: Alaska Airlines

Special thanks to CSA (Cloud Solution Architect) Brent Funk, a new Service Fabric Customer Profile was released this week:


We won't spoil it for you too much, but let's dig into their Azure architecture:

This is the architecture that Alaska Airlines uses to run their Shopping Cart API. First, Azure Load Balancer distributes the incoming traffic so there's no need to manage the routing and health of each node hosting the Shopping Cart API. Next, Azure Key Vault helps safeguard credentials and encryption keys during runtime and CI/CD processes. Azure Cache shares state across all the nodes in the cluster hosting the API. Although the Shopping Cart API is a stateless web service, it maintains a level of user state for the objects within a cart to allow automated scaling. Then Azure Application Insights provides business intelligence for the API to augment the node-level health events that Service Fabric provides. The team uses Application Insights to verify performance within their service and also with chained API calls made by the Shopping Cart service. And Azure Container Registry provides a private, secured environment that works with their CI/CD pipelines to maintain the latest Windows Server Container image, packaged with their Shopping Cart API distribution. The Service Fabric cluster is configured to use the appropriate version as part of ongoing updates and management. Finally, Azure Service Fabric is the cloud-portable solution for hosting microservices.

Dig deeper and find all the advantages they've gained in using Azure and Service Fabric:


And, as usual, you can find all our customer architectures here:

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