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NEW E-BOOK UPDATE: Parallel Virtual File Systems on Microsoft Azure

The AzureCAT blog has moved! Find this blog post over on our new blog at the Microsoft Tech Community:


On January 11, 2019 AzureCAT published significant updates to the Parallel Virtual File Systems on Microsoft Azure e-book. The revised version features a new BeeGFS template library, complete with sample templates and scripts, that deploy the BeeGFS Parallel Virtual File System (PVFS). This template set now provides a specific storage scenario for an HPC workload.

Parallel Virtual File Systems on Microsoft Azure

Download the updated 42-page e-book:

This guide documents the results of a series of performance tests on Azure to measure the scalability of Lustre, GlusterFS, and BeeGFS. Using a default configuration, AzureCAT discovered how critical performance tuning is when designing PVFSs on Azure. Use these results as a baseline and guide for sizing the servers and storage configuration you need to meet your I/O performance requirements.

This e-book was written by Kanchan Mehrotra, Tony Wu, and Rakesh Patil. It was reviewed by Solliance and edited by Nanette Ray.


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