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Azure Data Lake Tools for VSCode (Preview) - March Update

Continue our journey to launch Azure Data Lake Tools for VSCode for better cross-platform support,  meet developers where they are in Mac, Linux and Windows, and deliver a first class light weight code editor experiences for U-SQL. We are pleased to announce our March release which includes a few important features.

Primary New Features

  • Assembly Registration -  Our updated “ADL: Register Assembly” feature enables you not only quickly register an assembly, but also implement a built-in intelligence to detect dependencies, auto register dependencies and upload dependencies files  (if needed).


  • ADLS Integration – Following the strong momentum of Azure Data Lake, we have enabled seamless ADLS integration to allow you to easily browse and preview your ADLS files. You can do so either through command palette or right click menu.

a1) Use ADL: List Storage Path to navigate to your ADLS folders, files and objects. :  

2 - List Path

a2) Right click on a path string, choose ADL: List Storage Path to automatically list all folders and files for that path.

3 - List Path Right Click4 - List Path Results

b1) Use ADL: Preview Storage File to preview your ADLS files.

5 - Preview6 - Preview Results

b2) Right click on a path string, choose ADL: Preview Storage File to automatically open the preview of the file.

7 - Preview Right Click8 - Preview Right Click Results

c) ADL: Open Azure Storage in Web command has been added for user to leverage the portal to download and upload files to ADLS.


  • Enhanced Language Service – To boost your productivity and solidify the U-SQL author experiences, Go To Definition and Auto Format features have been added.

9 - Format10 - Definition

  • Open Sample Code – To improve your get started experiences, ADL: Open Sample Script have been enhanced to facilitate your first time use of the tool and get familiar with U-SQL language.

11 - Sample

How do I get started?

Please first install Visual Studio Code and download the prerequisite files including JRE 1.8.x, Mono 4.2.x (for Linux and Mac), and .Net Core (for Linux and Mac).  Then get the latest ADL Tools by going to the VSCode Extension repository or VSCode Marketplace and searching “Azure Data Lake Tool for VSCode”.  

12 - Install

For more information about Azure Data Lake Tool for VSCode, please see:


If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at: Azure Data Lake Dev. Tooling Team