How do I start learning or using Azure?

A question that gets asked very often...and you are not the first or only one!

There are several options to get started, 30-day trial is just one but perhaps you are looking for more. The options are constrained by the authentication protocols required for an organization i.e. using work identity or personal/Microsoft account to access Azure subscription. If work authentication is of prime importance, #3 is the way to go. Outlined below are few that could be very helpful in your Azure journey.

(1)   Monthly Azure credits for Visual Studio subscribers: Upto $150 a month per user (most popular for starters, I used this immensely)

(2)   Enterprise Dev/Test: If the organization already has an Enterprise agreement, they can avail Dev/Test services at subsidized rates.

(3)   Pay-As-You-Go Dev/Test: If you have been using MSDN/Visual Studio free credits and need to start a team project without owning an Enterprise subscription yet availing subsidized rates.

(4)   Azure in Education: Using Azure in your research or in teaching an advanced course at the university, read more details and specs here

(5)   Azure4Research: (Click Apply) Azure for research is an award program to get your research started, grants available upto $20K for 12 months.

Happy learning!