An Insider’s Look at the Security of Microsoft Azure – Assume the Breach!

imageIn this podcast, Bill Murphy, founder of RedZone Technologies interviews David Cross, Partner Director of Program Management in Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise Security Engineering and all things Azure security.

I really enjoyed listening to this interview. Bill asks a ton of interesting questions about Azure security and IT security in general and David fires back really insightful and hard-hitting answers.

There’s even a bonus section at the end where David shares some of the process he’s used to come up with 25 patents during his career.

What’s inside? Here’s a sample:

  • The future of information sharing and security
  • Why “assume breach” is the best way to think in modern IT security
  • A day in the life of a security responder
  • Microsoft’s approach to privacy and trust
  • Can the FBI or other law enforcement agencies just “walk in” and take your data?
  • And more!

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