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Azure Infrastructure Security Book Coming Soon

imageWe’re all about Azure security here on the Azure Security and Compliance Team blog. We know that the Azure public cloud has what you need to be successful faster than you could ever be on-premises. We’re seeing that with customers every day. But another thing we see and hear are concerns – security concerns. You have decades of experience with on-premises security and you’ve landed on technologies and operational processes to help you understand and respond to security events. For your on-premises deployments you know how to prevent, detect, and respond to attacks.

But now public cloud seems like maybe it’s changing things up – with shared resources being part of the definition of cloud computing. What are the additional security issues you need to think about? And what services and technologies does Azure provide you so that you can customize security to meet the unique security and compliance requirements for solutions you stand up in Azure?

A great place to start is the Azure Security Information site on There you can find a ton of resources, articles and white papers on Azure security related topics, all categorized for you so you can focus on what you need. Web sites are great – but we know some of you (maybe a LOT of you) like books, and so we want to help you book lovers out!


That’s where Microsoft Azure Security Infrastructure comes in!

In this book we’ll go over storage, networking, compute and authentication security. We’ll dig deep and provide you insights from our own experiences. Published by Microsoft press, this book will walk you through protecting your cloud environment at multiple levels and point you to key resources, often hard to find, that provide you the information you need to enhance the security of your Azure solutions.

We’re almost done writing the book so it shouldn’t be too long! It should be released right before Ignite, so we hope to see you there to autograph your copy!



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