Azure Logging and Auditing–Turn Chaos into Order

imageAzure is a big thing – so big that a lot of you tell me it’s hard to keep up.image

But you’re also IT pro’s, you’re used to learning new things – IT definitely isn’t the profession you chose to not learn new things.

Indeed – this is the life we’ve chosen.

And that’s a good thing. But help is appreciated – especially when it comes to Azure Logging.

Azure Logging can be complex – there’s a lot of moving parts and a lot of different types of logs.

Wouldn’t be good to have a basic schema, a basic understanding, of all the different types of logs and how you can use all those logs?

That’s where the Azure Logging and Auditing comes in! We heard you – your challenges, frustrations, blockers and overhead generators. We thought about those and put this paper together to ease your challenges, reduce your frustrations, remove your blockers and lower your overhead.

Check out Azure Logging and Auditing and let us know what we need to add!

And if you like it, let us know about that too Smile



Tom Shinder
Program Manager, Azure Security
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