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imageWe are very happy to announce today the release of the Azure Security Information site on!

The Azure Security Information site is intended to be your one-stop shop for getting information about Azure security services, technologies, and features. In addition to this, we have information about security architecture, best practices and patterns, security in industry verticals, and an array of other security resources.

Visit the Azure Security Information site on today!

Why an Azure Security Information site?

Why did we build it?

Prior to today, it was difficult for you to get information about what Azure had to offer in the area of security and how to learn about and implement the wide expanse of security controls we make available to you.

The only way you could get this information was to poke around the various Azure services and hope that the table of contents on the left side of the page had some security articles that you could look at. If that didn’t work, you might scan the articles you found and hope that security is discussed somewhere in the doc.

Who wants to do all that? That’s a lot of overhead!

We decided that we would feel the pain for you – we did the heavy lifting and sifted through hundreds of articles, as well as create new ones, so that we could help free up your time so that you could use it to create amazingly secure solutions on Azure.

The Azure Security Information site on is the result of hard work from multiple teams from all over Microsoft. This site has been, and will continue to be a team effort and we value the input from each of every person who contributed. I would like to thank two people in particular – Yuri Diogenes and Terry Lanfear. They worked tirelessly to bring this site online by our deadline and they will continue to work hard to bring you the security content you need.

One thing that we do need you to know about the Azure Security Information site is that we don’t cover compliance issues or Azure platform security (Azure trust). The Azure Security Information site is about what you can do with the security services, technologies, features and controls we provide you. If you want to know what we do to secure the Azure platform itself, check out the Microsoft Trust Center.

Just the Beginning

Today is just the beginning. We have a core set of content and scoped selection of categories in which we placed content. We have plans for more articles and links. But what we’d really like to know is what you are interested in:

  • Are we currently on the right track?
  • What categories would you like us to add?
  • Are there specific topics that you’d like to see us cover?
  • What is missing from the current site that you’d consider high priority?

Let us know! You can let us know what you think in the comments section below, or if you want to connect with us directly, feel free to send an email to and we’ll get you into our triage meetings and backlog.




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Program Manager, Azure Security
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