Azure SQL Database Threat Detection–Advanced DB Security in the Cloud

imageWe’ve talked a number of times on this blog about how Azure Security Center is able to bring in security information from a number of Azure resources to help you protect, detect and respond to security threats. One of the key resources that Azure Security monitors and protects is Azure SQL Databases.

Azure Security Center does this by taking advantage of advanced threat detection employed by Azure SQL. When threats are detected, they are logged and that information can be brought into Azure Security Center by setting a security policy that monitors Azure SQL.

Of course, Azure SQL Database Threat Detection is only one of a collection of security technologies you get with Azure SQL.

Check these out:

SQL Threat Detection uses machine learning, behavioral analysis and anomaly detection to determine suspicious events that might be taking place in your Azure SQL Databases.

For example:

  • Attempted database access by a former employee
  • SQL injection attacks
  • Unusual access to production database from a user at home

Learn more about Azure SQL Threat Detection by reading the blog post SQL Threat Detection – Your Built-In Security Expert.



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