Protect Azure SQL Databases with Azure Security Center

Our aim is true – to help you protect, detect and respond to threats against your Azure based resources.

At this time Azure Security Center provides comprehensive security services for your IaaS virtual machines and a collection of Azure PaaS services – which includes Azure SQL.image

What can Azure Security Center do to help protect your Azure SQL databases?

I’m glad you asked!

Let’s take a look at some of those things.

You can set Security Policy to enable SQL Auditing and Threat Detection and SQL transparent data encryption.


Azure Security Center will also provides useful security recommendations based on its analysis of your current Azure SQL configuration – check out what it found in the figure below:



We'll also let you know about your Azure SQL Security Health, as seen in the figure below:



And we’ll alert you if we find a possible security issue that you need to attend to:

image image


This is just a few things Azure Security Center can do to help protect your Azure SQL database. To learn more, check out the article Azure Security Center and Azure SQL Database Service.



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