What’s New in Azure Security Center?

imageOne thing about the cloud is that things are always changing. And as an Azure security service, Azure Security Center keeps pace and continuously changes and improves, almost in real time!

What are some of the new and cool things in Azure Security Center?

Check out some of these hot pockets!

  • Integrated Vulnerability Assessment (VA) from your favorite vendors – you asked for it, you got it! Check out your Azure Security Center console for new VA partners, such as Qualys. You can deploy the VA solution with a few clicks. What rocks about this integration is that findings from the VA partner are surfaced as alerts and recommendations just like the native Azure Security Center findings.
  • More and better web application firewall options and functionality – You’ve been telling us “give us WAF for PaaS!”. You asked, we listened, and now you’re going to get some WAF love for your Azure App Service environments. A lot of our old and new Azure Security Center friends have been asking “what about a WAF from Microsoft?” – I’ll tell you what about it – here you go! Azure Application Gateway Web Application Firewall is in preview and it’ll be added to our bevy of WAF options you can deploy from Azure Security Center
  • Don’t let your data rest (or REST) without encryption -  Azure Security Center already throws you a clue stick (in the form of an alert) if it discovers that your VMs aren’t using Azure Disk Encryption to encrypt the virtual disk. But security pros cannot rest (and neither can their data) if it’s not all encrypted on disk. No problem! We’ll soon be throwing you an alert if we find you not using Azure Storage Service encryption to encrypt all your data in Azure storage (at least the storage that you let Azure Security Center know about).

These are some pretty tasty treats and you can find them all by logging in to the Azure Security Center console today! Just log into the Azure Portal to get started.



Tom Shinder
Program Manager, Azure Security
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