What’s new in MEF 2 Preview 5? [Alok, Nick]

Nearly two months since we published MEF 2 Preview 4, we have just posted our fifth preview on the MEF CodePlex site.

The new preview has been shaped by your feedback; everyone who took the time to download, evaluate or comment on the last version, thank you!

So, what has changed since Preview 4?

  • CompositionException.RootCauses, previously only visible in the debugger, can now be accessed directly in code
  • Using RegistrationBuilder, all interfaces on a part can now be exported using the ExportInterfaces method
  • IDisposable and IPartImportsSatisfiedNotification will now be filtered out by RegistrationBuilder automatically (these should never be exported)
  • CompositionProvider in the ASP.NET MVC integration now exposes ApplicationSharedPartMetadataKey for those wishing to create their own sharing conventions compatible with the provider
  • Some additional performance tuning has been done

As we get closer to making our next supported release as part of the .NET Framework, the bar is now high for changes to be included in MEF 2. Even so, we’d love to hear about your experiences with the new preview, and planning for MEF 3 is just around the corner. You can get in touch via this blog or through the discussion forum and issue tracker on CodePlex.