CSS Properties window has shipped!

The CSS Properties Window is something that I designed and implemented a lot of before I left the team earlier this year, and I am very glad to announce here that it has shipped:


A lot of the CSS related feedback that I was getting on my blog was about editing CSS, and making sure that properties were set in the right place. A lot of people stated that they did not want to use inline CSS, but the standard toolset that we shipped does not easily allow you to view or edit styles in linked style sheets.

The CSS Properties Window was designed to help out with this somewhat. Initially I had much larger features in mind, but time for implementing this was limited (it started as a project in my spare time and grew from there). After I left the team Barry Tang took over the project, and he added some more cool features (like intellisense) and got an installer working for the product.

I encourage anybody dealing with CSS in Visual Studio 2005 to follow the link, read about the plug in and install it. I always envisioned this project as being something revolving around customer feedback - that is how it started and that is how I would love it to continue. Part of me wishes I could still be as involved with it as I was, but I have moved on to other things.

Unfortunately we were not able to get this add-in shipped in the main Visual Web Developer box, which is why it is a free download and why it is unsupported. But the folks who work on Visual Web Developer (and I) would love to hear your feedback to help design future versions of the product.